New Technology!

The development of two-component polyurethane and polyurea spray elastomers took place in the 1990’s. Polyurea protective coatings provide value added solutions by significantly increasing your investments service life, at a fraction of the replacement cost. Some of the many application uses are:

Primary containment
Secondary containment
Chemical resistant liners
Corrosion resistance
Abrasion resistance
Nonskid floor coatings
Spray on bed liner
Tunnel coatings
Spray molding
Steel protection

Polyurea spray applied coating provides excellent protection to a variety of substrates, such as concrete, steel, fiberglass, plastic, wood, rubber and urethane foam with the proper surface preparation and primers. Some polyureas reach strengths of 6000psi tensile and over 500% elongation making it a tough coating. The quick cure time allows many coats to be built up quickly. Pure polyurea coatings contain zero VOC’s or solvents which is a 100% solids material applied with plural component equipment. Polyurea coatings are quickly becoming the industry standard. 

Alaska Foam Pro has been involved in the sandblasting and industrial coatings markets in the state of Alaska since 1997. We are available to provide your industrial coating needs whether or large or small.